On The Bright Side, At Least I'm Semi-Coherent...

Smarter than the average bear...but also a damn sight crazier.

Saw the Hobbit at the midnight showing.
Unsurprisingly, it was very good. Most of the changes are minor, and some of them -- such as giving Radagast, Dwalin, Balin, Fili, and Kili more characterization than they had in the book -- are actually very good. Mild spoilers under the cut:

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You can't have just one...
So we got another ferret, and named her Eris. Her previous owner was a teenage boy who wasn't taking care of her properly and didn't bother to name her. That said, the kid did at least have the decency to realize that he wasn't doing it right and that she should be in a good home. She's kind of scrawny, but I'm hoping she'll fill out now that we've started her on good-quality food.

She and Robin are still getting used to each other, but they're pretty cute playing together...although she's like half his size. There is video...which I'll have to post some other time, because right now I need to sack out.

A line you'd normally expect to hear uttered in a DC title...
"Even though he needs constant supervision when he's not in his cage -- thanks to his habit of wiggling out of his harness and leash -- Robin is adorable and I love him."

My girlfriend and I adopted a ferret, because my girlfriend is allergic to cats and rabbits, I'm not fond of dogs or rats, and neither of us are much for non-mammalian pets. We named the ferret Robin -- I was thinking Robin Hood, my girlfriend was thinking Robin Goodfellow. Neither of us was thinking Dick Grayson, Boy Wonder, but that namesake fits too.

Robin the ferret is ridiculously adorable and lovable. We may have to get another ferret, just to make sure he has a playmate when we're busy or at work.

There's video under the cut.

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Brief update.
Just so nobody starts worrying that I'm dead.

Good news:

Have moved into apartment with my girlfriend.

Still employed. (I don't like my job, but I have an excellent work ethic.)

Aced both classes last semester despite the massive stress involved in that.

Went off the medication that I was complaining about before. Started a new medication that seems to have less negative impact on the academic/creative part of my mind.

Bad news:

Last medication was causing memory issues and anxiety on top of difficulty thinking. New medication seems to be making memory issues and sometimes anxiety worse.

$500 in car repair/maintenance bills last month.

Even with my girlfriend paying her share of the rent, my job doesn't pay enough to let me move out of the South and to somewhere with actual career prospects for at least a year -- and that's assuming nothing else cuts into my savings account. (I can't really manage a second job, given that I'm going to school at night and need to devote some of my time to my girlfriend.)

School is fucking me over on the second B.A. (history) that I'm trying to earn. Turns out that I can't just take classes to build on my minor in the subject until I've fulfilled the normal requirements for a major. No, I have to take 30 credit hours on top of the previous B.A. -- which is 12 more than I'd planned on. I'm trying to work around it, but it's not a good situation.

My girlfriend goes to one of the few schools in the country that require a B.A. thesis (roughly 80 pages) before graduation. She didn't get hers done last semester when she was planning to graduate, but that's not the issue. (I got my first B.A. a year later than I'd planned to, and I'm not into hypocrisy.) The issue is that the one time I suggested she work on it a little bit, she had a major panic attack. I'm worried that she's going to keep putting it off and not make any progress before she has to start school again -- and her school is requiring her to take classes on top of finishing her thesis. She is working 30-40 hours a week, same as I am, so I don't expect her to write the whole thing over the summer, but I want her to make at least a little progress, and I'll be happy to do basic research gruntwork (tracking down relevant articles, books, etc...) for her. (May be slightly unethical, but I'm still expecting her to actually read the articles/books and write the paper) Problem is, I don't know how to raise the subject with her without causing another panic attack. Suggestions, anyone?

And I'm open to suggestions no matter how late you see the post.


In short, still having problems, but much, much happier than I was at this date last year...or for any year before that, for that matter.

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Well, I'd suspected it for a while, but now I'm fucking sure.

My adderall's shaving the top 20 points or so off my iq while it's in my system.
Lovely catch-22 there. I need it for work/school, but if it's making me stupid...

More later. Must sleep.

I've been severely procrastinating tonight and (among other things) re-reading old journal entries from my friends' journals. Found a meme in bluefall's journal that I'd responded to and forgotten to re-post in my own journal.

So, here it is:

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then re-post this and spread the love.

I think I've wished my friends-list Merry Christmas on their own journals...
...but it doesn't hurt to say it again.

Merry Christmas. If anyone on the f-list doesn't celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays.

Also not dead.
"I'm getting better!"

Just kind of swamped. Temp work. Looking for a steady job. Regular exercise. More temp work. Medication changes. And last but definitely not least, a physical health issue -- not severe, but chronic and unpleasant.

I know I owe some of y'all detailed responses to a bunch of stuff, and I should have tried harder to get that done. I'm sorry.

I'll try to get caught up the course of tonight and the next few days.

Brief post before I head to bed.
Job's winding down (slightly earlier than I expected), and I'm getting the last few things finished up.

One good thing about a freelance gig -- they won't fire you for being down with a nasty cold. I spent Sunday through Tuesday too sick to leave the house. Bleah. Getting better now, though.

Well, yay for me.
I've got a job! It's only temporary (8 weeks), but it pays well.

It's also in my field -- it's mostly freelance writing, with a small photography component.

(The only reason I'm posting about it now is because I'm waiting on my camera's battery to charge.


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